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Brothers jailed for ‘hideous’ Bristol Tesco machete attack

Razwan (left) and Naveed Hussain (right). Credit: ITV News West Country

Two brothers who launched a “frightening account of bloody violence” have been jailed for more than 12 years.

Witnesses feared they were watching a ‘terrorist attack’ as Razwan and Naveed Hussain ran through a Tesco superstore with a machete - injuring one man outside, before chasing another.

The attack at the store in Eastville, Bristol, in August 2018, ended after they fled, fearing capture.

Razwan pictured holding a machete in the Tesco store. Credit: Avon and Somerset Police

CCTV footage shows their victim, who they knew, running away from them into the shop.

The brothers follow moments later, with 34-year-old Razwan clutching a machete in his right hand.

Footage shows the victim being chased through the store, past stationary aisles, before the brothers eventually reach him.

Razwan then swings the machete, injuring his victim’s arm.

Police captured the aftermath of the attack on body-worn cameras. Credit: Avon and Somerset Police

The victim flees to the checkouts where he manages to swing a trolley in front of his attackers, causing the brothers to leave - and sending shoppers scattering as they notice the bloody knife.

When police arrived moments later, they found the second victim in the shop’s foyer with more serious injuries to his arm.

This was a cowardly and brutal attack which took place in a busy superstore on a Friday afternoon last summer.

It’s a concerning example of a violent offence which we believe has its roots in serious criminality.

I’ve watched CCTV showing the incident unfold as well as Body Worn Video footage of officers who were first on the scene and it’s shocking.

The use of such a barbaric weapon in such close vicinity to so many innocent members of the public is horrifying and I’m sure these events will have a lasting impact on those who were unfortunate enough to witness it

– Andy Marsh, Avon and Somerset Police Chief Constable

The cause of the attack may never be known to investigators.

The court heard there was an initial scuffle in the store between Naveed Hussain and the victims, before he left the store, calling his brother, claiming he had been threatened by the two.

Judge Julian Lambert described the Tesco Eastville store as one of Bristol's busiest. Credit: ITV News West Country

Razwan later arrived armed with the machete. The rampage began moments later.

Following the attack, the Hussain brothers disappeared. Naveed handed himself in a week after the attack, while Razwan was later found by officers later hiding in a relative’s home.

Events were highly shocking and deeply terrifying. What you did was utterly wrong and deeply terrifying for your victims and everyone who saw events unfold.

Your offending took place in one of the biggest and busiest supermarkets in our city.

The results of such mayhem (properly so-called) was hideous and could have been far worse.

The presence of others, including children, is a matter of significant public concern and should be taken into account by the court.

– Judge Julian Lambert

Razwan was jailed by Judge Lambert for 10 and a half years, while Naveed was jailed for two years.