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UK Weather forecast: Mostly dry and cloudy night in store in the South West

We've had some pretty nice weather for the last couple of days and this weekend looks like staying dry and bright with some high temperatures. However, the nights could be a little chilly with some mist or fog forming.

Aside from a weak cold front on Saturday afternoon, high pressure is in charge this weekend keeping the weather settled and largely dry, with some sunshine and above average temperatures.

Quite a change from this time last year when very cold, easterly winds were knocking on the door of the West Country!

As we head through this evening and overnight it'll be dry with some low cloudy filtering in, much like last night.

There will be mist and fog across parts of Somerset, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire too, where it will be chilly. Temperatures here will drop to 5 or 6 degrees.

Once the low cloud and mist lifts, Saturday will turn into another fine day for most with some sunshine and temperatures back into the low teens across north Devon and Somerset.

However, some patchy light rain will move across the Isles of Scilly and Cornwall during the afternoon. It might turn a bit cloudier across Devon too later on.

High pressure looks like it's here to stay as we head into next week though, so we can expect the settled and largely dry weather to continue. We should see temperatures stay in the mid-teens as well.