Cyclists in Plymouth say their lives are being put in danger because cars are parking on a section of cycle path forcing them to ride against the flow of traffic.

And they haven't been able to get any clarity on who's responsible from the police or Plymouth City Council.

The small path is part of an access route on the cycle route from Plym Valley into the centre of town.

But cars have taken to parking in it meaning cyclists have to brave a contraflow - infuriating motorists and putting themselves at risk.

You're forced to pull out into oncoming traffic. If you've got people who are going fast, it's so dangerous.

Clare Smith, cyclist
There are a growing number of cyclists in Plymouth Credit: ITV News

Once cars are parked covering the cycle path signs, it does look like a parking bay.

Plymouth City Council says it has recently inspected the area and subject to funding is considering installing double yellow lines there.

Some drivers mistakenly believe the cycle path is a parking bay Credit: ITV News