Family in 'shock' after finding huge pile of mud dumped on dad's grave

Jamie Jones discovered the huge pile of earth on his father's grave when he visited last week. Credit: BPM Media

A family from Bristol have been left in a state of shock after discovering a huge pile of mud dumped on their loved-one's grave.

William Jones died in August 2018 and was buried at South Bristol Cemetery on Bridgwater Road.

When his son Jamie Jones went to visit his grave on 21 February, he was horrified to discovered an enormous heap of mud on top of where his father had been buried.

The grave had previously been decorated with flowers left in tribute to Mr Jones who passed away at the age of 78.

The sight of the grave left son Jamie and other members of the family in a state of shock and anger.

It was unbelievable. So many things went through my head, I just couldn't believe it. He's our world. You can't do that to someone's loved-one.

Jamie Jones

Jamie, who's from Long Ashton, then questioned the manager at South Bristol Cemetery, who he says informed him it was normal procedure when carrying out work on other grave sites.

The huge pile of earth was removed after the family confronted council workers at the cemetery on 22 February.

The 37 year old remains worried about how his dad's resting place will be treated in the future.

It's left us really worried about how our father is being treated How are they going to treat his headstone in the future?

Jamie Jones

He added the family may take further action to prevent something similar from happening again.

We're thinking of going to citizen's advice to stop this happening to another family.

Bristol City Council, which runs the crematorium, has apologised to the family and issued the following statement.

When the family were contacted about work on a plot adjacent to that of their family member, it was not made clear that it would involve temporary disruption to their own plot due to the proximity.

Bristol City Council