Flybe plane evacuated at Exeter Airport

Fire crews were called to the Alicante bound flight on Thursday morning. Credit: Kevin Horrell

A Flybe flight has been evacuated at Exeter Airport in an ongoing incident, with reports that part of the site has been closed off.

The plane could be seen from the runway with its emergency evacuation slides deployed.

Eyewitnesses say the plane was just about to take off when the pilot switched off the engines and told everyone to get off the plane. It then became "very rushed" one passenger told ITV News.

Theo Sampson was onboard the Alicante bound flight when the cabin began to smell of smoke.

100 passengers and 5 crew members had to leave the plane, which was preparing for take off and the Embraer 195 aircraft was moved off the runway and passengers were evacuated via slides.

Exeter Airport says the pilot decided to stop the flight after reporting an air quality issue in the cockpit. It's thought one person suffered an ankle injury.

Passengers were taken back to the terminal by bus where they were told that another flight was being arranged.

All passengers had to leave the plane and wait in departments. Credit: Theo Sampson

Flybe have confirmed that another flight has been found for the holidaymakers. The new plane is scheduled to leave at 12.35pm. The plane is now thought to be in a hangar at the airport.