This is the moment cows on Roskilly’s dairy farm in Cornwall were allowed outside for the first time this year.

The cows raced into the field and quickly started jumping for joy as they relished the feeling of lush green grass under their hooves.

It was the first time in three months that the cows had seen grass, having been kept inside for the duration of winter.

Farmer Jake Roskilly said their three-month stint inside was markedly shorter than the one they endured this time last year.

Jake Roskilly. Credit: ITV News West Country

It’s fantastic, they're so pleased to be out again. They've had a reasonably short winter but they're pleased to be out on the fresh grass rather than silage. Last year, we didn't get them out until mid-April and used all our silage stocks whereas this year getting them out now. Having a dry summer has been fantastic, it’s made all the difference really and we've probably used two thirds of the silage we used last year so we're better off.

Jake Roskilly