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Gloucester actor Simon Pegg undergoes radical weight loss for new film role

Simon Pegg has lost nine kilograms in six months.

Actor Simon Pegg has undergone a radical weight loss transformation in order to get in shape for a new film role.

Pegg’s lean new look, a stark contrast to the out-of-shape runner he played in Run Fatboy Run, was revealed by his personal trainer on social media - much to the shock of fans.

According to trainer Nick Lower, Pegg, from Gloucester, has lost a whopping nine kilograms in just six months - dropping from 78kg to 69kg.

Simon Pegg. Credit: PA

The weight loss is for Pegg’s upcoming film Inheritance, which will also star Lily Collins, Connie Nielson and Chace Crawford.

In his post on Instagram, Lower said the brief for Pegg’s new role was “lean, VERY lean.”

He added the 49-year-old dropped from 12 per cent to 8 per cent body fat - which is in the lower range for a professional athlete.

Pegg retweeted the photo on Twitter, joking the strict fitness regime had resulted in “occasional mild grumpiness”.