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Police find crossbow in Bodmin car

The crossbow that was found by police Credit: @AllianceArv / Devon and Cornwall Police

Roadside police officers have found a mini crossbow that was involved in a crash in Cornwall.

Devon and Cornwall police say the Renault was the only vehicle involved in the collision on the A30 in Bodmin at around 5:30pm on Monday 4 March.

But, the crossbow was only discovered two days later by the recovery vehicle company who immediately called the force.

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Bodmin Police show how dangerous the bolts are up close Credit: Instagram @bodmin_police

This mini crossbow and bolts were located under the driver's seat of a vehicle involved in an RTC. The knife was located in an agricultural vehicle. This sort of thing is why officers tell you to keep your hands where we can see them when you get stopped. We never know what's within easy reach of the occupants. P.S it's Knife Amnesty Week from 11th March to 17th March. If you have any unwanted knives that require disposal please bring them to Bodmin Police Station and we will ensure that they are safely destroyed.

– Bodmin Police, Instagram

Devon and Cornwall police confirmed the crossbow is likely to be destroyed.