Dalek fans fail to 'exterminate' world record in Chippenham

Just some of the alien monsters on show in Chippenham at the weekend. Credit: Reel Time Pictures

Scores of home-made Daleks have just missed out on breaking the Guinness world record.

The event at the Olympiad Leisure Centre in Chippenham on Sunday 10 March, named 'The Gathering', was organised by Dalek owners and collectors group Sons of Skaro.

The record was set in Leicestershire in 2008 when 95 Daleks gathered. On Sunday, 87 came together - in wide-ranging colours and designs.

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The Daleks are an extraterrestrial race of mutants portrayed in the BBC science fiction programme Doctor Who. In the show, they are mortal enemies of the Doctor.

While some of the models featured at 'The Gathering' were replicas of the TV monsters, others reflected their owners' creativity and senses of humour.

The event raised money for Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital and Julia's House hospice in Devizes.

We rather liked the multi-coloured version - if you can like a Dalek. Credit: Reel Time Pictures