Guinea pigs abandoned in cardboard box in Gloucestershire with heartbreaking note

The three abandoned guinea pigs and all together in the box they were found in. Credit: RSPCA

The RSPCA is investigating after three guinea pigs were dumped in a cardboard box with a note asking the RSPCA to care for them.

The three male guinea pigs, who are all about a year old, were found in a taped up box with a note which read: ‘RSPCA Please can you find us a nice new home. Our mummy is poorly and can’t look after us anymore.’

The box had a heartbreaking note attached to it. Credit: RSPCA

The animals were found outside a charity shop in the High Street, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire on Friday 8 March at 4pm.

They had been left with bedding, food and water and a few holes poked into the box but were clearly quite distressed.

The guinea pigs were taken in by the RSPCA's Worcester branch who've named them Jon, Alan and Richard. They've already found new homes.

One of the guinea pigs abandoned in a box because 'its mummy couldn't look after him'. Credit: RSPCA