People who are at risk of being socially isolated could soon have an Amazon Echo Spot installed in their home to help them communicate with a loved one more easily.

Cornwall Council has won a grant to help develop schemes that use technology to combat a range of issues, such as social isolation, falls and frailty.

The technology could be used for making video calls, setting reminders, and accessing Cornwall Link, the Age UK information portal.

Cornwall Council faces huge challenges to deliver care services with limited and stretched resources as well as responding to people’s changing expectations of public services.

Cllr Rob Rotchell, Cornwall Council
Echo Spots could help transform the lives of people in care homes. Credit: PA

The EPIC Project (eHealth Productivity and Innovation in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly) has also won funding to use the devices in care homes to improve the well-being of residents. The Project Director says they could be used to play music from different eras to help people living with dementia.

There is great potential in keeping care home residents connected to family, friends, and befrienders using devices such as Echo Spot.

Ray Jones, EPIC Project Director