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Generation Anxious: The young people who fear they'll never own a home

The first part of our 'Generation Anxious' series focuses on housing. Credit: ITV West Country

It takes an average of 13 years for a young person to save up for a house deposit, according to market research agency YouthSight.

Findings from the agency reveal 77% of young people want to own their own home by the age of 30 but now feel it's an unattainable goal.

Some young people feel owning their own home has become an unattainable goal. Credit: ITV West Country

As part of our series 'Generation Anxious' we have spoken to those who fear they'll never own a home.

One Bristol renter said it's difficult to save for a deposit when renting at the same time.

25-year-old Holly Poole said, "With renting and all the other bills that come out, it's impossible to save money for a deposit, whereas if I was living at home it would be much easier."

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