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Appledore worker writes emotional epitaph to 'empty and soulless' shipyard

A worker from a North Devon shipyard has written an epitaph following the site's closure. Credit: D Martin

A worker from the now closed North Devon shipyard Appledore has written an epitaph in which they say the site is now "empty and soulless".

The piece is signed by D Martin who appears to have worked at the historic shipyard which closed its doors for the last time on Friday 15 March.

It says workers have now been "stripped of togetherness" and "pride".

For many years we worked there Everyone side-by-side We built ships together With great skill and great pride.

– D Martin
The shipyard closed its doors for the last time on Friday 15 March. Credit: PA images

D Martin also references the reason for the closure, which was announced by owners Babcock International in November last year.

But sadly no more orders through no fault of our own We have been forced to leave, now the yard stands alone.

– D Martin

The Appledore shipyard first opened in 1856 at Richmond Dry Dock and was nationalised in the mid 1970s.

When new owners Babcock International announced the site's closure in November last year, it was revealed that the 199 members of staff would be redeployed to Devonport or face redundancy.

The yard is now being advertised on property site JLL.