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Generation Anxious: the rise of millenial 'job-hopping'

Many millenials are choosing to have several jobs before settling into their chosen career.

How many jobs have you had in your life?

There's growing evidence that some young people are choosing to 'job-hop' because of boredom, better opportunities and uncertainty about their career choices.

As part of our series 'Generation Anxious' we have spoken to millenials, aged 22-34, on their experiences of the job market.

Helen Brown, who at 28 is on her 15th job, said: "The jobs would be ok for a bit and they'd encourage me and say you're really good".

She continued: "Then I'd just get bored eventually because it wasn't really what I wanted to do."

Emma Summers, from Juice Recruitment, told ITV:

20 years ago, it was very very different, I think it was more career led and focused, and people wanted a career, they people at university, they trained at college, they literally undertook different apprenticeships, and they could very much see how their career path was mapped out. Now the people have got so much choice which is probably not promoting the loyalty and stability that we need.

– Emma Summers, Juice Recruitment

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