Plymouth pubs and bars work with police to tackle drink spiking

Credit: ITV West Country

Pubs across Plymouth are working with police to try and tackle drink spiking.

Spiking is when a drug or alcohol is added to a person's drink without them knowing about it.

In a UK-first trial, test kits will be supplied to pubs and bars across the city.

Credit: ITV West Country

The pilot will be run in association with Best Bar None and local bars in Plymouth.

If a drink is found to contain a dangerous substance, the customer will be taken to a safe place and the police will be called.

Response officers will be issued with urine testing kits to enable them to secure evidence.

Credit: ITV West Country

The initial test period will last for three months and is to run until 23rd June 2019.

If successful the project could be rolled out across Devon, Cornwall and Dorset.

Often people don't report drink spiking because they don't remember the details or they feel embarrassed. If anyone is concerned that their drink has been spiked, they will now be able to approach bar staff for help.

David Moore, Licensing Sergeant, Devon & Cornwall Police

We want customers to have fun during their time here, we also want to make sure they are safe. Hopefully anyone considering spiking drinks in our bar will think again when they realise that we can test drinks and people for signs of spiking and that we will act quickly to work with police in the event of any incidences of drink spiking.

Marcus Lewis, Bar Manager, Switch Bar Plymouth

Drink spiking is illegal and can result in a minimum of 10 years in prison for anyone who is found guilty of doing it.

For information about the project visit Best Bar None.

You can also find more information about drink spiking, how to avoid it and what to do if you think have been a victim on the Devon and Cornwall Police website.