1. ITV Report

UK Weather: a largely fine weekend ahead for the South West, with average temperatures

It'll be a largely fine weekend although Saturday could be a little cloudy at times. Sunday will be a lot brighter though, and both days will feel fresher than we've been used to recently.

A weak front will provide the slightly cloudy and possibly damp weather on Saturday, but as that clears through high pressure rebuilds and brings brighter skies to the West Country for Sunday.

It'll be dry this evening and overnight but that front will bring cloudier skies and some outbreaks of rain. It'll grind to a halt along the south coast by Saturday morning but it should keep things mild at least.

With that front close by it looks as though cloud will come and go through the day on Saturday. It should be dry and there will be sunshine too, but with temperatures closer to 11 degrees it'll feel fresher.

Sunday will be the brighter of the weekend days and high pressure will last into the new week. Temperatures will be average for late March with double figures across the region.