A mum fatally stabbed her boyfriend in the heart during a furious row in which she accused him of messaging other women.

Lindsey Gabriel told victim James Field that he "didn't know what she was capable of" before stabbing him in the street in September 2018.

The 35-year-old bled to death on the side of the road while Gabriel attempted to discard the knife she’d used.

During her trial, Gabriel, 31, claimed Mr Field had smashed in her door and stabbed himself to death.

The mother also denied hiding the murder weapon, which police found stashed in a drain in the back garden.

The kitchen knife used by Gabriel. Credit: Devon and Cornwall Police

She told Truro Crown Court that she believed her partner was contacting other women on social media.

She had smashed up his car parked on her driveway, covered it in wrapping paper and had it removed by a car scrappage firm.

The prosecution said on the day of the killing, Gabriel had sent him furious text messages in which she told him he 'didn't know what she was capable of'.

The message left by Gabriel on Mr Field's car. Credit: Devon and Cornwall Police

The jury heard that from the time Mr Field could be heard asking 'where's my car?', it was just 90 seconds before he was lying on the street with a stab wound to his chest.

Both Gabriel and her 13-year-old son claimed he broke into the house and stabbed himself last September.

But the jury rejected that and Gabriel, who had denied murder, will have to serve a minimum of 14 years behind bars.