Photographer captures jaw-dropping timelapse footage of Milky Way over Land's End

The Milky Way captured over Lands' End by photography teacher Aaron Jenkin. Credit: Aaron Jenkin

Amazing timelapse video footage shows the Cornish coastline illuminated by the bright stars of the Milky Way.

The breathtaking footage was filmed by photography teacher Aaron Jenkins, who stayed up all night to capture the images.

The video - which was filmed over the course of three hours but has been sped up - shows the galaxy in all its majestic detail over Land's End.

Aaron said the night he chose to film was so “beautifully clear”, he saw a number of shooting stars fly over.

The timelapse was captured in the very early hours of Saturday (April 6) morning from about 2am until 5am. The night was beautifully clear with lots of shooting stars above. I could see the position of the Milky Way clearly as it started to rise, and knew that the camera clicking away would be revealing lots of colour and detail that I couldn't see.

Aaron Jenkin, photography teacher

Watch the stunning timelapse video here:

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