Plymouth students burn hate insults to fight racism

Warning: the comments may cause offence to some people. Credit:

Students at Lipson Co-operative Academy in Plymouth have been sharing racist insults that they have been called to try to have a better understanding of each other's heritage.

It's hoped by writing down the insults and burning them it will educate their fellow students about racism and bullying.

As part of the 'Make A Change Training Programme' teenagers are being empowered with how to deal with hateful comments.

It's hoped that by listening to each others' experiences, the students will gain a better understanding of the challenges they each face and the different backgrounds they come from.

Sandhya Dave, Cultural Champions Co-ordinator, Devon Development Education said, "Black minority, ethnic kids in our Devon schools do have a very different experience because often their identities.

"Their whole identity is not often recognised within a school or other kids are making them feel like 'the other' and name calling.

"It's really important for us to go into schools and create a safe supportive place for those students to express themselves."

Warning: the comments in the video may cause offence to some people.