Heidi Loughlin from Portishead writes book for her sons documenting courageous incurable cancer battle

A mother who was diagnosed with incurable cancer has written a book about her journey after developing a rare form of breast cancer.

Heidi Loughlin from Portishead has been documenting her journey with cancer since 2015 in a blog called 'Storm in a tit cup', sharing her everyday life and tales of her goal to live life to the fullest.

She was given between two and five years to live after being diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer when she fell pregnant with daughter Ally.

The mum made the decision to delay treatment for herself to give Ally the best chance of survival.

But, tragically, when Ally was born 12 weeks early in December 2015, she contracted an infection, and died just days later.

Heidi has now written a book to her sons detailing her battle with cancer in a hope to show them how she was if she dies.

Heidi and her daughter Ally after she was born 12 weeks premature

The former Metropolitan Police officer was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer after spotting a rash while breastfeeding her son.

After delaying treatment to have her daughter she was told her cancer was terminal and had spread.

But after undergoing a mastectomy and successfully campaigning to receive life-extending drug Kadcyla her tumours shrunk and disappeared. Now, continual chemotherapy is keeping the cancer at bay, although doctors have told her it may return one day.