Three-week-old bunny stolen from North Somerset attraction

Staff at Animal Farm Adventure Park are distraught after the rabbit at the front went missing. Credit: Animal Farm Adventure Park

Staff at an adventure park in Brean in North Somerset are appealing for their stolen rabbit to be returned.

The three-week-old baby was on display with its brothers and sisters near the front of Animal Farm Adventure Park when it was taken at some point on Sunday afternoon, 14 April. Management are very concerned as they say it will die if it doesn't get its mother's milk.

  • This bunny desperately needs to be back with its Mum.

URGENT APPEAL! One of our baby rabbits has been stolen today! It is still on mothers milk and will NOT SURVIVE if it is not returned to us. This bunny desperately needs to be back with its Mum.

Animal Farm Adventure Park

The adventure park says it doesn't think a child would have taken the baby out of the display box. It says, "It would have to be an adult, the sides are too high for a child to climb in alone".

Staff say they know the window in which the bunny was taken and are reviewing CCTV for clues.

In the meantime, they are urging people to watch out for new bunny posts on social media