Concorde’s distinctive drooping nose is back in action - 15 years after it was last used.

Since completing its final landing in 2003, Alpha Foxtrot - which was the final Concorde model to be built and the last to take to the skies - has been housed at Aerospace Bristol.

  • Watch the last time Concorde drooped its nose on 26 November 2003

Concorde's ‘droop nose’, which was designed so pilots could lower the front cone for better visibility during takeoff and landing, was disabled after the jet was decommissioned and drained of hydraulic fuel.

Members of the public watch on as Concorde's nose drops for the first time since 2003. Credit: ITV News West Country

The iconic feature was recently revived for Concorde’s 50th anniversary.

I thought it was wonderful because I’ve seen it fly but I haven’t seen it with its dropped nose and it was fascinating.

Visitor at Aerospace Bristol

Watch Concorde's 'droop nose' in action: