Energy giant 'discriminating against' Somerset couple without internet access

Derek and Vera Millett say they're being unfairly discriminated against for not having internet access Credit: ITV West Country

A couple in their eighties say they are being discriminated against by their energy provider because they don't have a computer to access the cheapest rates.

Derek and Vera Millett from Weston-super-Mare say they deserve better from a company they've been with for years.

The provider E-On says paper bills cost money, so it can only offer better rates online.

The Milletts say if they stayed with Eon, the energy company would put up their bills by £180 a year because they're not online.

However if they used a computer for their account, Eon says they'd reduce it by £230.

Age UK recommends shop around and change providers if they're not getting the best deal on their bills. Credit: ITV West Country

The Weston-Super-Mare couple are not alone.

4.2 million elderly people do not use a computer and miss out on the energy industry's cheapest deals.

Age UK recommends people ring their supplier and see if they're getting the best rates, shop around if they're not happy with the deal, or get on the priority service register for elderly or vulnerable customers.