Newquay Zoo keepers find a date for their red panda

Germaine the red panda (pictured) has finally found a mate called Zou. Credit: Newquay Zoo

Newquay Zoo's red panda has finally found a mate after keepers put him on an international zoological dating agency.

After months of searching for potential partners for Germaine, animal experts found an 8-year old female in France called Zou.

Zou has now moved out of Touroparc Zoo near Lyon and in with her new match Germaine in Cornwall.

Keepers at Newquay hope new mate Zou will settle in quickly. Credit: Newquay Zoo

Finding a new partner isn't always an easy task.

Newquay Zoo went through the international stud book to make sure the pair are genetically compatible and no danger of inbreeding.

The little creatures are much smaller than their Giant Panda relatives and are native to India, China, Bhutan, Nepal and Myanmar.

Red Pandas are classified as endangered with fewer than 10,000 left in the wild.