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Devon dog made famous for wearing sunglasses dies

A Jack Russell terrier, who made headlines for wearing sunglasses, has died.

Jaxs, who lived in Malborough near Kingsbridge, had several medical conditions.

One of them made his eyes sensitive to light and couldn't see without dark glasses.

The 16-year-old dog also had an allergy to grass which meant he had to wear little boots for a walk in the park or else his paws would become red and bleed.

Jaxs had to wear sunglasses due to a medical condition

Owner Maria Domanic spoke out in 2016 when Jaxs first caught the attention of passers-by.

She wanted to explain she wasn't just dressing him up for fun and he was becoming distressed by people taking photos of him.

I get people walking behind us with their cameras, talking and laughing.

We've also been surrounded by people shoving cameras in his face.

It's really intimidating and now, when he hears voices, he hides his face.

It upsets me - you would not treat a human with a disability in the same way, so you should not laugh at a dog.


Earlier this week Jaxs was put to sleep.

A memorial service for the terrier will be held at the seats on Embankment Road close to the top of the estuary on what would have been Jaxs’ 17th birthday, June 2.