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Plymouth Argyle's walking footballers proving age is nothing but a number

Walking football is becoming increasingly popular Photo: ITV News

If you're keen to get moving but maybe not quite as mobile as you once were, walking football could be the sport for you.

A team run by Plymouth Argyle's Community Trust welcomes people of all ages, most of whom are over 50.

There's just one rule - no running allowed.

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I've played football most of my life and it was a chance for me as a 50-year-old to get back into sport. It's all ages, it's all abilities, and I know since I've been doing this I've lost weight, blood pressure has gone down, very rarely go to the GP, the aches and pains go. Because you play and keep active, it helps you an awful lot.

– Gary Hayes
Gary Trehane says he is enjoying rediscovering the beautiful game Credit: ITV News

When I first joined I was a little bit sceptical, I thought 'Walking football? I can't see how that's going to work'. Came along for one or two sessions and I was hooked. A lot of us played football at a half-decent level before and I think we miss that a little bit. So it's really good to have that back again. I took early retirement when I was 55. I had a few little things that I knew I wanted to do, but to be honest football is a big part of it now, which I never thought it was going to be again.

– Gary Trehane
hours of moderate exercise per week recommended for adults
Josh Grant says the sessions are good for people who are recovering from injury Credit: ITV News

It's just football at a walking, inclusive and manageable pace for those at different stages of their life, whether it be recovering from injury or more senior citizens. It's just the love of the game, very social and it's just a manageable pace of playing football.

– Josh Grant, Plymouth Argyle Community Trust
The players say they enjoy the social side of the game Credit: ITV News