Thousands of motorists warned about dangers of ignoring road closure signs

Credit: Highways England

Motorists in the South West have been warned about the dangers of driving through red X road closure signs on motorways.

In the last year more than 62,000 motorists drove through the signs on smart motorways in Bristol alone.

Highways England officers say it creates potentially life threatening situations as the red X is often implemented when crews need to respond to broken down vehicles, or accidents on the road.

Credit: ITV West Country

Avon and Somerset police say stopping distances at 70 mph are significant, which is why the red X sign is shown in advance of the incident.

Inspector Frazer Davy says drivers need to be educated about the risks Credit: ITV West Country

Police say the penalty for driving through road closures is three points and a £100 fine but this could be more severe depending on the incident.