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Grand day out in Weston-super-Mare for young cancer survivor from Wiltshire

Bella having fun on one of the rides on Weston's Grand Pier. Credit: ITV West Country

Four-year-old Bella Robinson from Chippenham has just finished treatment for leukaemia. She's one of hundreds of children given a special trip to Weston-super-Mare by a charity aimed at supporting families affected by cancer.

Bella lost her hair and had to be fed by a tube during her treatment for leukaemia. Credit: Children with Cancer UK

Bella has been battling with cancer for most of her life. She was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in November 2016 when she was just two years old. It was discovered after she fell off a chair and a scan revealed a nasty lump. It's been a difficult journey for the whole family.

Having your child poorly is horrific, absolutely heartbreaking, especially watching them lose their hair and have the most horrendous things done to them like injected, being put to sleep.

It's absolutely heartbreaking but you got to do what you got to do to make them better, it's worth it in the end.

– Lisa Lock, Bella's mum

In March 2019, after two and a half years, Bella's treatment came to an end and she is off all medication. The family were able to celebrate with an Easter day out in Weston-super-Mare.

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The day was arranged by the charity Children with Cancer UK and is aimed at bringing families affected by this terrible illness together. They were able to bring joy to hundreds of children and their families going through tough times.

The treatment for cancer in children takes years so what we want to do is give them a day out where they can forget all about that and just have fun together as a family.

– Stephanie Revell, Children with Cancer UK

Bella's next big adventure will be starting school later this year. She was held back because she was so poorly but now has everything going for her.

Bella enjoying a happy family day out in Weston-super-Mare. Credit: ITV West Country