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‘I knew I’d made a mistake’ - Marine A on moment he killed Taliban insurgent in Afghanistan

Sgt Alexander Blackman on Good Morning Britain. Credit: GMB

A Royal Marine from Somerset who was jailed for killing a wounded Taliban insurgent in Afghanistan says he knew he had “made a mistake” the second he pulled the trigger.

Sgt Alexander Blackman became the first member of the British armed forces to be convicted of murder on the battlefield when he was jailed in December 2013.

He was sentenced to serve a minimum of ten years in prison - which was later reduced to eight years on appeal - after fatally shooting a wounded member of the Taliban in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province in 2011.

Sgt Blackman was jailed in December 2013. Credit: PA

He was freed in April 2017 and a court later reduced the charge to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

But his dishonourable discharge from the Royal Marines remained in place.

Appearing on Good Morning Britain, Sgt Blackman said he knew he had made a mistake as soon as he shot the insurgent - but is still unable to explain why he did it.

We moved him to the side of the field. It became evident to me that his wounds were more severe than I had initially thought.

We gave probably not the best first aid in the world. It’s hard, looking back, to understand what was going through my mind.

At a point during that, I discharged my firearm into him. I think I knew straight away I’d made a mistake - it was quite evident.

– Sgt Alexander Blackman on Good Morning Britain