Shared home scheme sees West Country families take in those with additional needs

New families have been created from a shared home scheme. Credit: ITV News

The idea of sharing your home with a stranger may seem daunting but this is exactly the idea behind a new community care scheme.

And it's working so well, one couple from Wiltshire says it is one of the best decisions of their lives.

Sandie and Ken Stevens from Chippenham opened their home to Pam and Roger who both have learning disabilities. They were brought together by the national initiative Shared Lives, which is funded by Wiltshire Council.

It matches homeowners with people looking for somewhere to live, either to reduce loneliness or to give them the support they need.

Sandie and Ken say Pam and Roger are now a part of their family.


  • Shared Lives offers those who may be lonely or suffering from social isolation, those with additional needs, mental health issues and disabilities, homes and relationships.

The scheme matches homeowners with people looking for somewhere to live. Credit: ITV News

Lyn Whiting from Portreath in Cornwall has also taken part in the scheme, and is proud of her unique family.