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Cirencester woman wins battle to keep pink door

Cotswold District Council has backed down on their complaint that a woman's front door was 'causing harm' to a conservation area.

Janine Renshaw-Beauchamp painted the entrance to her home on Gloucester Street bright pink last week (15 April).

She chose the vibrant colour for Stand Up to Cancer as she's been battling the disease since 2015.

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Ms Renshaw-Beauchamp has lived in the house for more than three decades and says the door has always been colourful.

Despite this, she received a letter from the Planning Enforcement Officer saying her property had listed status and requested she changed the door to a more suitable colour in keeping with the surrounding area.

Ms Renshaw-Beauchamp was shocked to get a letter asking her to repaint her door. Credit: ITV West Country

However following a surge of support on social media Cotswold District Council has now said no further action will be taken.