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Cornwall lifeguards warn beach-goers after toddler cuts foot on abandoned disposable BBQ

A two-year-old boy has beeb taken to hospital for cuts to his foot after stepping on a disposable BBQ buried in the sand.

Lifeguards in Cornwall are now warning people to dispose of the item in specially provided bins to avoid any unnecessary injuries.

A two-year-old boy cut his foot on a disposable bbq that was left buried in the sand. Credit: Perranporth Surf Life Saving Club

Perranporth Surf Life Saving Club posted the message on social media after dealing with a "large laceration" on the toddler's foot on Tuesday 23 April.

They said the youngster was in "large amounts of pain as the wound was very deep".

His parents had to take him to a local hospital for further treatment after lifeguards dressed the injury.

People are now being urged to properly dispose of these BBQs in the provided bins.

They have also caused burns after being buried in previous years, according to the Perranporth lifeguards.

This child’s pain could have been avoided if the BBQ had been put in the bin rather than buried in the sand. If you see anything like that on the beach or see anyone leave it behind, please either ask them politely to bin their rubbish or bin it your self.

– Tom, Perranporth Surf Life Saving Club

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