This tawny owl is 'lucky to be alive' after it was rescued from a slurry pit in Broadhembury, near Honiton.

The filthy bird was found huddled up next to the pit by a member of the public who called the RSPCA.

Credit: RSPCA

The poor tawny owl was in a right state. Her beautiful feathers were absolutely filthy and stuck together with thick, black slurry. I held out little hope she would survive this ordeal.

Inspector Marije Zwager, RSPCA

The little bird was taken to West Hatch RSPCA Wildlife Centre near Taunton for a deep-clean and a bath.

When we admitted the owl she was very cold, sad and dirty. It was hard to tell what condition she was in and whether she would survive due to all the contamination. After being warmed up, rested and receiving fluid therapy, she was washed in our specialist bird wash room.

Bel Deering, West Hatch Wildlife Centre Manager
Credit: RSPCA

Fortunately the owl cleaned up well with her plume looking as good as new.

The bird will be monitored and released back into the wild when she is well enough.