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What happened to the lovely sunshine in the South West?

Photo: PA Images
  • ITV West Country's Charlie Powell explains why we've had such a dramatic change in weather.

When it comes to weather, the Easter weekend was one to remember. Cloudless skies, plenty of sunshine, high temperatures and even a record breaker on Easter Monday. Unheard of for a Bank Holiday!

It's sort of back to normal this weekend however, with a cooler, more showery week reaching it's peak with a named storm on Friday evening - Storm Hannah.

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Right now the jet stream is developing an area of low pressure in the Atlantic, running across the top of the weather system and essentially removing the air from it, turning it into a powerful depression. It'll be fully formed before it reaches the West Country on Friday evening but still pack a punch.

Bands of rain will reach the Isles of Scilly and Cornwall by late afternoon and spread across the rest of the region before midnight. However, it'll be the strong winds that follow during the early hours of Saturday that will be the more noticeable thing.

Met Office warnings for gales are in force from 9 pm on Friday and we'll have gusts between 45 to 55 mph quite widely. Around the coasts, especially the north coast, those gusts could reach 70 mph. By Saturday afternoon things should be calming down a bit, and by Sunday the weather will be drier and warmer with light winds.

A huge contrast therefore in as little as a week, showing just how variable the weather in spring can be.