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New Jill Dando media centre opens at TV presenter's old school

The new centre is one of six in Somerset where students write stories and report. Credit: ITV West Country

A new media centre has opened in memory of TV presenter Jill Dando.

Jill, who grew up in Weston-Super-Mare, was murdered on her doorstep twenty years ago (April, 26).

The centre is in Jill's former school in Worle, near Weston-Super-Mare.

It's one of six in Somerset where pupils create stories, edit newspapers and report.

Thousands of students are still being inspired by her work 20 years on.

Her brother Nigel said he hoped a new generation would be inspired by her talent and charisma. Credit: ITV West Country

Her brother Nigel reflected on his memories of growing up in the seaside town with his sister.

I can remember days out on the beach not too far from here. Picnics, sand blowing around, flying kites, going into the sea to paddle. Jill riding on the donkeys and me having nothing at all to do with them. Being on the Grand Pier, playing on the various machines. All the things that you did growing up as a kid in Weston.

– Nick Dando, Brother

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