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Drunken burglar woken by police then arrested in victim's Paignton home

A burglar who raided a house while drunk before falling asleep on his victim's sofa has been jailed.

22-year-old Jimi Aldington had consumed a cocktail of alcohol and prescribed medicines before breaking into a woman's home on 5 April.

After smashing through a window on the ground floor of the empty house - and cutting his hands in the process - Aldington made his way up the stairs leaving a trail of blood behind him.

However he didn't make it very far with his loot, which consisted of drugs he'd taken from the victim's medicine cabinet.

Police were called to the scene and had to climb through the broken window to wake Aldington, who had fallen asleep on the couch, before arresting him.

Jimi Aldington was arrested after falling asleep in the house he was burgling Credit: Devon and Cornwall Police

The victim, who already suffered from PTSD, said the experience left her "very upset".

Personal items, including the order of service for her late grandson's funeral, were ruined by the bloody trail left behind by Aldington.

Mr Paul Dentith, defending, said Aldington believed he had made significant progress with mental health issues and substance abuse. He drank alcohol thinking on this basis he would be fine.

He could not have been more wrong. The next thing he knew he found himself sitting on the sofa at the house of somebody he knows.

– Mr Paul Dentith, defending Adlington