Teenage locked-in syndrome survivor Miranda Meldrum back at school in Wiltshire

Miranda Meldrum has astounded medics and is back at St Laurence School in Wiltshire after a remarkable recovery from locked-in syndrome.

The teen suffered a brain haemorrhage in 2017 which led to her being unable to move or communicate, even though she was completely aware of her surroundings.

Miranda has made slow but steady progress following a brain haemorrhage in 2017 Credit: ITV News

The then 13-year-old stunned doctors early on in her recovery by simply being able to move her limbs, and her progression since then has been nothing short of miraculous.

After undergoing intense physiotherapy to relearn things that used to be second nature, Miranda has regained some of the independence she had before the haemorrhage.

Miranda is back at school on a reduced timetable Credit: ITV News

She is now happily studying among her peers at school on a reduced timetable as she continues to work on her recovery. Although clearly happy with the progress she has made, she knows life going forward will be different.

After a long recovery, Miranda is pushing herself to make more progress Credit: ITV News

Staff at her school say she is improving across the board, and that she has set herself high standards for recovery.

Miranda will now continue her slow and steady rehabilitation into school life, as she adjusts to find her new normal.