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Office pot plant in Gloucestershire grows to monstrous 300 feet and now fills entire building

Starting as a house plant, the ivy quickly outgrew it's surroundings Credit: ITV News

An office pot plant in Gloucestershire has grown to more than 300 feet and now fills the entire building.

Boss Des Brennan, 54, bought the ivy 10 year ago to brighten up his work space in Stonehouse but it is now not just the talk of the office but has made headlines across the UK as well.

It now trails up the walls and along the ceiling as well as hanging over most desks. Mr Brennan says the florescent lights and warm air has meant is has "absolutely flourished".

When we first bought it we’d only just started up the company, the office had plenty of room. And it’s absolutely thrived. Other than feeding it with a little bit of water, a little bit of plant food once in a while, we leave it alone.

It’s taken a while to grow on the staff in the office. The fluorescent lights and warm air are perfect conditions for it.

– Des Brennan, Managing director of Protective Solutions LTD
The ivy has made its way around the whole office Credit: ITV News

The plant, which can be found at the packing firm Protective Solutions in Stonehouse, is growing at a rate of around six inches every month.

Luckily for staff, the plant is very low maintenance and doesn't seem to require much watering.

The first thing you notice when you come here is the plant... it's a good talking point really.

It does attract some unwanted visitors with the spiders.

When Des goes away we do have a bit of a laugh and a joke about cutting the plant, but we wouldn't actually do it!

– Charlotte Nutman, Sales Rep