Students studying at The University of Bristol will be offered lessons in happiness, which will count towards their degrees from next year.

A similar pilot course was introduced last year amid growing concerns about student mental health.

In the past three years, 12 University of Bristol students have died.

Last year, 400 students signed up to a voluntary happiness course at the university, which did not result in academic credit.

This new 12-week course will teach students how to achieve a more fulfilling life and their happiness levels will be monitored throughout.

We're anticipating hundreds of students taking it, right across the spectrum from not just psychology but every area of interest - engineering, chemistry, medicine and so on.

Professor Bruce Hood

Taught by psychologist Professor Bruce Hood, the course will draw on the latest research in psychology and neuroscience.

Prof Hood said "This course will be built and established on what we've already learnt in the first year but of course we're going to monitor the students much more closely because it's for credit.

"They can't take an easy option - they've really got to put in the effort andengage."