The all-girl football team from Plymouth who beat the boys to the league and cup double

The girls team were undefeated in all competitions Credit: SB Frankfort

An all-girls team from Plymouth have beaten the boys in their age group to win what's thought to be an historic league and cup double.

SB Frankfort not only triumphed over their male counterparts, they were also undefeated for the entire season.

The team joined the boys' league after having no other local female teams to play with.

SB Frankfort Under 12 team scored an impressive 75 goals, and remained unbeaten in the Devon Junior and Minor Boys' League.

They beat Morley Rangers Juniors in the Argus Cup finals with a 4-2 victory in Torpoint, Cornwall.

In an unprecedented achievement, they won the league with two matches left to play in the competition.

The team played 16 games against nine boys teams and fought their way to the top with 13 wins and three draws.

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Due to the number of junior leagues across the country, the Football Association say it is impossible to verify whether it is a first for English football, but many believe it is.

The girls were only allowed to join the league after the FA changed rules in 2016 to allow elite junior girls teams to compete in boys' leagues.

James Brown-Tunnell, the girls' Head Coach, said: "The boys definitely didn't hold back. The boys really wanted to win against the girls, but the girls were up for the challenge".

John Preston, assistant coach of SB Frankfort, believes the win was an important achievement.

He said: "People said they couldn't do it, but these girls have proved they can."