Watch moment quick-thinking dog owner saves pet from choking to death

Joshua Aspey, 22, steps in after his dog Sally starts choking on some cheese. Credit: Joshua Aspey

A quick-thinking dog owner has been praised after saving his pet from choking to death on a block of cheese.

Joshua Aspey, from Watchet, Somerset, stepped in after his 10-year-old Jack Russell started choking on his kitchen floor.

The 22-year-old electrician instantly grabbed the dog, turned it over and helped free the lodged dairy from its windpipe.

The moment Sally started convulsing. Credit: Joshua Aspey

The incident was captured on a camera which Joshua had previously set up to monitor his other dog Mickey’s epilepsy.

Joshua, a former lifeguard, said instinct kicked in when he saw his dog struggling to breathe.

I heard her paws scratching the floor, turned and saw her choking. I didn’t know any actual first aid techniques but used to work as a lifeguard and my mum’s a nurse, so guess instinct just kicked in. She ended up coughing up two bits of cheese, which were meant for Mickey. He has epilepsy and will only take his tablets if they’re hidden inside chunks of cheese.

Joshua on moment he intervened

Fortunately, Sally was quick to recover from the ordeal.

She had a brief lie down in her bed before returning to Joshua for more cheese.

I did fear the worst when I saw her lying there. I would have been devastated if she had died in my arms. But she was fine afterwards. She went back to her bed for a bit but was quickly back on her feet, begging for more cheese.

Joshua on Sally's recovery

Watch the moment Joshua saved Sally here: