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How this weekend's full moon is known as a 'Blue Flower Moon':

The full moon will be visible this weekend Credit: PA Images

As we head through the weekend we'll be treated to a full moon, the so-called "Flower Moon," as it marks the point in May when nature comes into bloom.

However, it's also a Blue Moon...

This star chart shows the map of the constellations this weekend Credit: Dominic Ford

There are a couple of definitions for a Blue Moon; the best known being when we have two full moons in the same month. The preferred explanation though has more to do with our astronomical seasons - the time between each solstice and equinox. Usually there are three full moons in a season, each with a name (like the "flower moon") to symbolise a certain part of the year.

This year, between the spring Equinox and summer solstice, we will have four full moons, and the third, or extra one that sits in the middle, is termed "blue".

On Saturday morning the full moon as well as some planets will be visible Credit: PA Images

There's more though, because early on Saturday morning, just before sunrise you'll be able to see a couple of planets before the moon sets. Just above the horizon as you look to the southwest you should be able to pick out Jupiter (closest to the moon) and then Saturn further to the west.

This of course all depends on the weather, and tonight the skies look like they might be on the cloudy side. Fingers crossed for some breaks...