A teenager from Bristol has set up an online petition calling for the return of The Jeremy Kyle Show after it was axed following the death of a guest.

The 17-year-old created the petition on Thursday 16 May, three days after the ITV show was permanently cancelled.

It has nearly 3,000 signatures already.

Steve Dymond died after appearing on The Jeremy Kyle Show. Credit: Facebook

The student said it's "preposterous" to blame the programme for the death of 63-year-old Steve Dymond, who died a week after filming for an episode he featured in.

She said: "Whilst the show is notorious for lively guests and shocking story lines, Jeremy Kyle's intentions have always been good - to better the lives of the people who appear on his show."

He has reunited families after decades of lost contact or those who were put up for adoption at a young age. In addition, he has changed a large number of families lives for the good with his lie detector and DNA tests.

Paighton Lara

She hopes the petition will get to 100,000 signatures in the next month.

Jeremy Kyle’s controversial talk show made him a daytime TV stalwart. Credit: ITV/Shutterstock

ITV's CEO Dame Carolyn McCall announced on Monday 13 May that the programme was permanently cancelled.

The company said a review of the episode featuring Mr Dymond is underway and the broadcaster will continue to work with Jeremy Kyle on other projects.