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Swarm of bees engulf parked car outside Cornwall Asda

The swarm of bees settled on the rear of a parked car in Hayle, Cornwall. Credit: BPM Media

Shocking video footage has captured the moment hundreds of bees swarmed a car in Cornwall.

Hundreds of the flying insects made a bee-line for the Honda while it was parked outside the Asda superstore in Hayle on Monday (May 20) morning.

Video footage, filmed by passer-by Jason Robbins, shows the bees swirling around the car before eventually settling on it.

Hundreds of bees were attracted to the car. Credit: BPM Media

Despite being slightly panicked by the sight, Jason said no one was stung by the bees.

Took a moment to realise what was happening and definitely felt a slight panic, they seemed pretty friendly though, no one was stung during their arrival.

Not what you want to find when you come back to your car, but I guess it could be expected on World Bee Day.

– Jason on the swarm of bees

Fortunately for Jason and others in the car park, a local bee keeper - who was shopping in the supermarket at the time - intervened by transporting the bees in boxes to a local hive.

Watch the video footage of the bees below: