1. ITV Report

UK Weather forecast: Fine and warm sunshine in the South West

For the next few days, we've got plenty of dry, warm weather, and plenty of sunshine. A few showers may crop up later this week, though.

It's high pressure that's bringing the settled weather but as it dwindles it allows some fronts in from the west. These will be weak but bring some more cloud and outbreaks of rain to the West Country.

This evening though looks fine and sunny, and it'll stay dry overnight. Some cloud will come and go but temperatures will drop to mid-single figures away from towns and cities. A few mist patches may form, too.

Wednesday will be very similar to today, with sunshine lifting any mist quite quickly, and lifting temperatures too.

By the afternoon, we'll be back up in the high teens, with some more fair weather cumulus cloud bubbling up.

From Thursday, we'll probably see a little more cloud around as those fronts arrive, bringing occasional showers which may well last into the weekend. At least temperatures will stay above average.