1. ITV Report

UK Weather forecast: Warm and bright across the South West

It'll stay dry as we head into tomorrow with just a little more cloud in the sky. Temperatures will be above average, so it'll feel warm.

We're still in a settled weather pattern at the moment, with well-spaced isobars indicating light winds.

However, fronts are trying to work in from the west, and through the Bank Holiday weekend we'll see some more changeable weather.

This evening will be bright and warm though, and it'll stay dry overnight. Cloud will increase a little through the early hours with bases lowering to give some hill fog by dawn. Most places staying in double figures.

It'll take a little time for that low cloud to lift on Friday morning but once it does there will be plenty of sunshine around.

A few showers are likely to develop though, more especially in the afternoon from Devon across to Wiltshire. Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly should stay dry but it'll feel a bit cooler here with a breeze off the sea.

As for the weekend - Saturday looks mostly dry with a few showers; Sunday on the cloudy and damp side as a front moves through.

More frequent showers are then expected on Bank Holiday Monday, by which time temperatures will be closer to average.