Wolf cubs have to be hand-reared at Wiltshire's 'Little Zoo'

The three European wolf cubs being hand-reared at the exotic animal charity. Credit: The Little Zoo

Three European wolf cubs born at The Little Zoo near Bradford on Avon are being raised by staff as their mother couldn't cope.

They are part of a litter of four males born on 4th May to mum Lupa and dad Ragnar.

Proud mum Lupa with her newborn cubs. Credit: The Little Zoo

Not only are the cubs feeding well, they're also making their presence felt by practising howling.

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The cubs, who haven't yet been named, are the first to be born at the charity. Staff took in mum Lupa six years ago. She might have been put down if The Little Zoo hadn't stepped in.

Lupa and Ragnar only met around 15 months ago but are now parents to four bouncing wolf cubs. Credit: The Little Zoo

Nicky Emery says, "Lupa was surplus stock from a British Zoo. Rather than her being put to sleep we offered her a forever home. Ragnar came to us February 2018 after a long wait to find a match for Lupa as she needed company of her own kind".

Two of the cubs have been offered a home in a zoo when they are ready, while the other two will stay at the site in Wiltshire.

The Little Zoo provides refuge to around 100 exotic animals - many of which are rescue animals. It is not open to the public but does do educational visits and also provides Wolf Experiences.