A guide to one of the world's weirdest events - Gloucestershire's Cheese Rolling

Last year's winner proudly holds his prize high Credit: ITV News

It’s only a few days until Coopers Hill in Gloucestershire hosts one of the world's weirdest events - the annual Cheese Rolling event.

Despite being officially banned in 2010 due to safety concerns volunteers have been determined to keep the tradition going.

Hundreds will be flocking to the near-vertical slope on Bank Holiday Monday in the hopes of becoming the next champion of the hill.

If you’re interested in watching or taking part, here’s everything you need to know:

When is it?

  • The event takes place on the second bank holiday of May every year. This year it will be on May 27

  • Everything gets underway at 12pm and there are several races for men, women and children

Cheese Rolling has been a tradition for more than 200 years

What’s it all about?

  • The cheese rolling tradition stretches back over 200 years though its origins remain a cause of speculation.

  • The most popular theory says it is a celebration of the end of winter and growth of new crops.

  • Participants chase a 9lb wheel of Double Gloucester cheese down the hill, which can travel at over 70mph!

  • Reaching the cheese is nearly impossible so the winner is whoever gets to the bottom of the hill first.

  • Their prize? A big round of cheese!

Last year's winner proudly holds his prize high Credit: ITV News

Is it dangerous?

  • The event is very dangerous and injuries are common, including bruises and broken bones.

Who can take part?

  • Anyone - all you need to do is turn up on the day and head to the top of the hill.

  • It’s free, there’s no need to register and no paperwork to fill out.

Can I just watch?

  • Yes, spectators are welcome to line the route and cheer on the runners.

Spectators line the hill every year to cheer on the competitors Credit: ITV News

Where is it?

  • Cooper Hill is just outside Brockworth - although parking is limited.

There will be some road closures:

  • Painswick Road: closed from Junction 30390 Ermin Street to Junction 30197 Buckholt Road

  • Green Street: closed from Junction A46 to Junction Cooper’s Hill

  • Cooper’s Hill: closed from Junction A46 to end of the road

  • Nuthill: closed from Junction A46 to Junction 30217 Bondend Road

And parking restrictions will be in place in several areas:

  • Ermin Street: from Junction 30365 Vicarage Road to Junction A46 Painswick Road

  • Cirencester Road: from Junction A46 Painswick Road to Junction 30196 Birdlip Hill

  • Shurdington Road: From Junction 30380 Ermin Street to Junction A417