'It's not too late to save our planet' - young people across the West Country march against climate change

The campaigners say there's still time to save the planet - if we act now. Credit: ITV West Country

Thousands of students have taken to the streets of towns and cities across the West Country to call for action on climate change.

In Exeter, the chant was loud and clear - "Save our planet it's not too late."

Researchers for the United Nations say the earth is in crisis - with global warming and species facing extinction due to the loss of habitats. But they say it is not too late to act - by reducing harmful emissions for example. The UK Government declared a climate emergency earlier this month but the Youth Strike 4 Climate movement says action is needed urgently.

The protesters' route took them through Princesshay shopping centre in Exeter. Credit: ITV West Country
The protesters in Exeter city centre staged a 'lie in'. Credit: ITV West Country

George Bond from Exeter says politicians and people in industry need to work together for change.

One campaigner from Bath said protests like this are the only way young people can get their message across.

The Government have not taken action on the climate crisis and this needs to happen. They've declared a climate emergency but they haven't proposed any kind of action to address this. So we the youth, we can't vote. We're not 18 so the only way that we can pressure the Government is to strike.

Frances Fox, Bath Youth Climate Alliance

In Bath they held a mock funeral march to highlight the urgency of the crisis, using a coffin to hand their demands to the council.

Climate change strikers in Bath used a coffin to get their message across. Credit: ITV West Country
This protester is very clear about his message - 'There is no planet B' Credit: ITV West Country
The students marched to the Guildhall in Bath to deliver their demands. Credit: ITV West Country

In Cheltenham the striking students marched from Montpellier Gardens into the town centre, before finishing at The Prom, in an effort to get people to increase pressure on Parliament to take action on climate change.

Young people in Cheltenham came out to share their concerns. Credit: ITV West Country
No shortage of creative placards in the Cotswolds town. Credit: ITV West Country

In Bristol, the protests were focused on the expansion of the city's airport. The owners claim increased capacity will mean fewer road journeys as more people will fly locally. But the campaigners say there's no way to justify expanding an airport.

The message in Bristol was Credit: ITV West Country
Cardboard placards were out in force at City Hall in Bristol. Credit: ITV West Country
The campaigners also took their message to the streets of Bristol. Credit: ITV West Country

In Barnstaple, a hundred young people took to the streets at lunchtime with a clear message for change. They held home-made banners high as they made their way to hand in a petition at the offices of North Devon Council.

Young people marching through Barnstaple to call for change. Credit: Youth Strike 4 Climate Barnstaple
One young protester simply asked 'Don't burn my future'. Credit: Youth Strike 4 Climate Barnstaple
While another pupil's message was 'keep Devon beautiful, go carbon neutral'. Credit: Youth Strike 4 Climate Barnstaple
These campaigners don't look like they're giving up any time soon. Credit: Youth Strike 4 Climate Barnstaple