A stand-up paddleboarder who needed reconstructive facial surgery after his board hit him in the face at Gwithian is teaching others how to react after no-one on the beach knew how to help him.

Steve Bowens from Portreath was bleeding heavily after his paddleboard smacked in between his eyes after he misjudged his landing.

The 43-year-old was helped to shore but none of his fellow surfers or anyone on the beach was able to give him basic first aid.

Fortunately his wife Sally, a doctor, was called to take him to A&E where he was treated for a deep cut to his forehead, broken eye sockets, and cheekbone.

Steve was losing a lot of blood after the accident at Gwithian but no-one knew how to give him first aid. Credit: Family photo

The sports science teacher underwent a nine hour operation and three months later he has fully recovered.

Steve now wants his terrible experience to act as a warning and is training other surfers in basic first aid so they'd know what to do.

Surfers are now being taught techniques like the recovery position. Credit: ITV West Country